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Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

Accomplishment, service and community are words that characterize The Midnight Mission. For nearly 100 years, The Midnight has been the premier provider of life changing services to people experiencing homelessness in Southern California.

We go beyond providing food and the basic necessities of life. For the last 40 years, we have also provided addiction treatment and recovery to those who are ready to step into the light. Our transitional Family Housing facility will celebrate 20 years in 2014, and continues to go beyond emergency care by providing long-term solutions by utilizing structure, accountability and opportunity.

As you read our 2012 Annual Report, remember your contribution helps us provide a bridge to self-sufficiency to those we serve. We cannot do it without you. This report tells the story of our past year.

• Accomplishment: the ability to serve over one million meals and provide for our homeless and near-homeless guests

• Service: nearly 60,000 volunteer hours helped to support all the free services The Midnight provides without government assistance

• Community: relationships being strengthened between our valued friends and supporters, and the vulnerable population of Skid Row by providing engaging events

With our continued partnership, we can make 2013 an even more productive and hopeful year for those in the Skid Row community. As donors and volunteers work selflessly in giving of their resources and time, to do something positive for others in our community, it evokes a feeling of accomplishment in all of us.  

This is the day to grow together in our commitment and dedication as we head into our 100th year of operation.


Larry L. Adamson, President & CEO


TMM Alumni Quarterly


A little over 14 years ago, I made a decision that was life-changing for me. I decided to join The Midnight Mission and embark on a new direction in my life. Sometime during this same period, most of you made a similar decision. You decided to walk through the doors of The Midnight Mission in an effort to redirect your life. Today, you and I represent what The Midnight is all about. We are the face of the institution. We live its values and you, as an alumnus, are an essential piece of its future.

Everyday, men, women, and children come to The Midnight looking for something. Many are crying out for help but don’t know how to go about it. For others, they are afraid of the unknown and remain paralyzed to make the decision that would help them, as it did you, change their lives forever. This is where your role really begins as an Alumni Member of The Midnight. Your willingness to take time and interest in someone who is suffering in their condition is the key to our success in addressing addiction and homelessness.

In you, they see hope and the results of your ability to change. In you, they see someone who is now confident, living with values. With your help they can experience the fellowship that is so essential to achieving and maintaining sobriety. Giving of one’s self to others is one of the greatest rewards we as human beings can experience. As an Alumni Member, you are in the unique position of having credibility in the eyes of those we serve.

Together, let’s commit to “be of service”. Together, let’s help make a difference. I thank you for helping me carry the banner of The Midnight.

– Larry L. Adamson, President and CEO, The Midnight Mission


*To learn more about the TMM Alumni Publication, please review this link: http://issuu.com/the_midnight_mission/docs/tmm_alumni_quarterly_vol1_iss1



Challenges for 2012 are great.



This year has been moving along and proving to be challenging for our neighbors. In a year of change, we are there for those who need and want help. I am proud to be part of TMM and our purpose in providing a bridge to self-sufficiency for those in need.

We have wonderful relationships with those in our community and I appreciate your support, partnership and dedication for all of 2012 events held thus far. March was busy and exciting for our Skid Row residents. We partnered with the Iranian-American Community and held a Nowruz Celebratory Event, Loyola Marymount University held a day of service in honor of their Centennial and Marriott International spent a day serving meals and assembling hygiene kits for our guests.

April did not slow. We held our annual Easter and Passover Celebration with Dick Van Dyke and his wife Arlene coming out and entertaining our guests.

May 7th was our Golden Heart Awards and we honored three very deserving recipients, Richie Sambora and Del and Bettina Breckenfeld. A rock ‘n’ roll guitar-theme filled the elegant room and all enjoyed entertainment from Don Felder. We also revealed our Centennial logo which was well received.

Our challenges for 2012 are great. The struggling economy and slow job market have put additional pressure on those who already have so little. Concurrently, government budgetary crises are forcing publicly funded non-profits to cut back services or close doors permanently. All of these lead to a greater demand for our services and we appreciate your choice to stand by us and stay involved in our mission to help people find hope, courage and dignity.

Larry Adamson
President and Chief Executive Officer



I recently read an article in the New York Times in which several economists discussed how the last 10 years had become a "lost decade" for median income families.   It also reported that the 2010 Census Bureau found that there is an additional 2.6 million people who are now considered to be living in poverty and the number of Americans living below the poverty line is now 46.2 million.  This is the largest number in 52 years.

The last time I wrote to our donors in a newsletter, I talked about the housing and credit crisis, soaring gas and food prices, and how individuals and families were finding that they may only be two paychecks away from homelessness.

As you can see from the numbers I mentioned above, many have now lost those paychecks, exhausted their unemployment benefits and are entering their second or third year of joblessness.

For these individuals and families who come to us broken, depressed, embarrased or forlorn, leaving their pride at the curb in order to ensure that their children have a hot meal and a safe place to sleep for the night, we open our doors, feed them, clothe them, give them shelter, and attempt to restore hope and confidence.  If they land on our doorstep, it is because they truly have nowhere else to turn.

If you are reading this, it means that you are a loyal donor and partner. Without your support, we could not provide the life-changing programs and services that we do, 365 days a year. 

Unfortunately, like the Census Bureau report our numbers are increasing.  We understand that times are difficult for everyone, but reaching out to help us address the most vulnerable is my request of you.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Executive Leadership of The Midnight Mission, I want to personally thank you for your support and belief in our mission. Your courage and vision is inspiring. Our partnership is making a difference every day in the lives of thousands of homeless men, women and children. For nearly 100 years, we have been the last house on the block for disadvantaged and struggling people in our region. With your continued commitment, we can increase our ability to build bridges to self-sufficiency for those looking for a better , brighter day. We can't do this without you.




Larry Adamson